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       Welcome to my Website.  Since this a work in progress things will improve over time. I will be putting  things up here about  the band Standard Deviation, The Rockaway's, My Air Force Years (Mike and Ron where are you?), and a bunch of other stuff. I'll try putting sound bites from our CD "Now Here This".  

Through this site, you can keep track of upcoming Standard Deviation shows (if any),  progress of our new CD (none as of yet) and other project were are involved in.  Currently we are retooling the band ( not really, but there is always hope) , and look to be back out playing clubs someday.  Besides our originals, we play a great mix from the 60's, 70's and 80's.  New song are not excluded, but we only play what we like   stolen from the Apple Jacks commercial).  Throughout the years we have been fortunate to find a large (and sometime very drunk) following that shares our love of this music.

On this site you will also be able to order a copy of our CD "Now Hear This".  The CD features 11 songs.  Nine of which are original written by myself and guitarist extraordinaire Pete Keys (Pete is the only DC guitarist to have a drink named after him at Mr. Smith's in Georgetown).  Pete in not only a great guitarist, and showman, he is a awesome friend.  In addition to Pete on guitar, and me on bass, the band was made complete with Mike Walker on drums.  Mike is perhaps the best drummer in the entire DC area, and his addition to the band took us to a higher level.  One of our originals on our CD is called Mike's Anthem, with Mike being heard at the end of the song saying " I love you man".  Three of the songs received "Air Play" on local Washington, DC radio stations "WHFS" and "DC101".  

I'm going to work on some personal stuff too.  I'll start with "who the hell is Frank Murray, and why should you care anyway".  I may include a game or two, like matching my surgeries with the year they occurred, or what surgeries occurred at which hospital.  The people who get the most correct get a cheesy prize.  Of course you'll have to pay postage and handling. 

Also, on this Website you will find some cool links.  Most of them are to other musicians and/or other bands. All of the musicians and bands are great, and most of the guys are friends or acquaintances from my past life. Some of them have CD's for sale, so check them out. If and when they come to your town, go out and see them. I promise you'll have a great time.

Finally, after more that 25 years after getting through the audition process for the Broadway Show Beatlemania, and  with my improved piano skills, I was hoping to take another crack at playing Paul McCartney with the popular DC area Beatles tribute band.  Unfortunately, the audition never materialized, so I guess I and my Hofner bass will go back into mothballs until something else comes along.   I wish them the best, and I an certainly still interested.

Old News.  On August 14th, 2006, while taking a shower, I had a heart attack and two days later had quadruple bypass surgery.  I guess that stent they put in me in January didn't do the trick.  Don't those things come with some sort of money back guarantee or something. 

Sad News. After getting Standard Deviation back up to speed and out playing local gigs for the past 2 years, Pete and I are sad to announce the we will again be forced to take a break.  We thank all of our old friends that came out to support us, and all of the new friends we made.  A special thanks goes out to Gene Sutch for his help on drums when we decided to get back together, and Johnny Rock Sullivan for taking over for Gene as we moved forward.  Both guys are very important in SD history and remain close friend.

New News. Possible Standard Deviation 2011 Reunion. Original SD members Pete Keys, Mike Walker, and I are in discussions about getting together to do a limited number of shows in 2011.  The shows will be in the Washington, DC area, Wilmington, NC area, and Charleston, SC area.  Check back often for the latest news

Checkout our the STANDARD DEVIATION MySpace @www.MySpace.Com/TheBandStandardDeviation

Solo Project.   I am still working on my solo project.  Since I am not comfortable using "Frank Murray", or "The Frank Murray Band", I am going to use "The Sperm Whales"  The working title of the CD will be "Sticky Stuff on the Beach". I plan to record a major portion of it on my own, but will try to recruit some old friends to lend a hand. 


Updated 11/26/2010


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